Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Daily Life

This is where I will talk about me! I will try and update when I have anything interesting going on. So if you wanna know about my life, then you have come to the right place.

Wed August 13, 2009
So I am spazing out, because I am drinking Sheetz Coffee and it makes me hyper.... I cant help Im addicted I really shouldnt be drinking coffee at 12:43am lol oh well. =]

Tue July 14, 2009
So I have started back up at my school and I have the best schedule ever! I only go on Mon and Tue and then I have the rest of the week to just relax. The summer quarter is easier though because it is only 10 weeks long, but they extended the hours to the classes =(. But now I have to go work on homework Bye!

Wed July 8, 2009
Busy Busy Busy is all i can say! This is my last week in Ohio with my family then im off back to Pittsburgh for school. I can not wait to be done only 8 more months, then I will be a college graduate! My birthday is this saturday I am actually not excited like I usually am, it makes me a little sad. When I was little I used to count down the days, now it just seems like another day. It does not help that I have to leave the day after my birthday to return to school. The only thing im looking forward to in pittsburgh is I have a stack full of books to dive into =) Until next time, have a good day guys!

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