Thursday, August 20, 2009

Super Comments Award!

Yay I am so excited I love awards =) I would like to say thank you to Taschima over at Bloody Bookaholic mainly because she is awsome, sweet, and a fantastic book reviewer (oh and for the award =] ) So as she did I will nominate 5 (only 5 oh noOoOo!) of you awesome book bloggers out there.

Happy Reading!

What I am Reading Now (3)

When Sookie's brother Jason's eyes start to change, she knows he's about to turn into a were-panther for the first time. But her concern becomes cold fear when a sniper sets his deadly sights on the local changeling population-and Jason's new panther brethren suspect he may be the shooter. Now, Sookie has until the next full moon to find out who's behind the attacks, unless the killer decides to find her first.

Yes Yes I am reading the 5th book in the Sookie stackhouse series slowly but surely! School kinda has me in a loop of constant homework (dang school) however I am enjoying this book but not as much as the first four I hope it gets more interesting! But if I am hoping for things I would love a library, or a car any one want to help? No? ok =] But a review will be out shortly so I will keep you posted!

What are you Reading?

Happy Reading!
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