Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Contact/Need Reviews

Anyone can contact me through my email:
ras1513 [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

However please in the subject of your email put why you are contacting me, because I get a lot of junk mail and I do not want to throw your email out =)

Need Reviews?
I will be more than happy to review a book for anyone. If you would like me to review your book please contact me through my email. My reviews consist of a picture of your book, a summary, some favorite parts, authors name, and a link to your site/blog, a rating scale, the ISBN number so others can find your book, plus more! I review books in the order that I receive them, so do not be worried if you do not see your book right away because there may be some ahead of yours. To contact me please send an email with the following information:

- Your Name
- Book Name
- And a link to your books site

Favorite Types of Books:

- Fiction
- Science Fiction
- Fantasy
- Paranormal
- Humor

Want to Host a Giveaway?
Along with reading and reviewing your book I would be glad to give copies away for you and get they hype up on you book! All that I ask is that you please send me and Email with:

- Your Name
- Book Name
- How many books you want to give away
- Certain restrictions
- And a link to your books site

However I never turned down a good read =)

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