Friday, July 3, 2009

Twilight vs. Sookie Stackhouse Series

I have been debating in my mind over the past couple months which book I think comes out on top. Both books have pros and cons to them but which is truly better? I have decided to make a list of each books pros and cons and try to figure out. Please let me know which you think is better.

Twilight Series:
- Easy read
- Set in Present time
- Different perspective on vampires
- Dramatic
- Creative Plot

- Could have been written better
- Only 4 books
- Crazy fans
Overall the Twilight saga was good I really enjoyed it, felt a little rushed towards the final book but oh well. I hope Stephanie Meyers plans to continue the saga however it may never happen. But we can all dream.....

Sookie Stackhouse:
- Southern Charm
- Vampires Mainstream (out in the open)
- Has a Mystery to each book
- Has 9 books
- Well written

- Very graphic (sexually)
- Sookie is dramatic
- The show and book are not always accurate

I do love this series very much I am just now starting the 3rd book Club Dead. I am as hooked as I was on Twilight, however I do not know which one is better. I guess they are both unique in their own way, What do you think?


  1. i like both series equally. they both have their special vampire lore that make them so entertaining.

  2. I like both series -- I really enjoy Twilight but I feel that the Sookie Stackhouse series has so much to offer readers -- including more books!


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