Sunday, June 13, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Episode 1 Review!!!

FINALLY!!!! I have been waiting for this season to start forever! I am not gonna lie I was camped out in front of my TV since 6 just waiting for it to come on. However it was well worth the wait and I was surprised to find there was a pre show and post?? Love it these people definitely know my addiction!! So now that I am done gushing how about I get to the review? Just to let you all know there will be SPOILERS in my review so if you have not seen it yet.... I suggest you watch =)

First of all I want to discuss the relation to the first episode to the book. I was a little thrown off because I was surprised that it did not relate as much as I thought. However as any good show they do have to build up to the suspense so I will wait before I make my final verdict. Now as all of you know I have an obsession with Eric (yummy!) So when we got to see him.... all of him... I melted lol! I am really enjoying they are showing more of the vampires this season (so far) there is more development with Eric, Pam, the Queen, Jessica, and Bill. I am curious if they are going to go with the same theme as the book as too why Bill went "Missing", I hope.

Now I am a little sick of the drama with Tara, I do not know if it is just me or if anyone else finds the story line with here the same? Heartbroken blah! I feel they either need to mix her in with the vampires or drop her because personally I am bored. Sam's story line is really interesting I really cant wait to see if his family is like him and where that takes him. I also can not wait to see where Lafayette and this V selling is gonna go with the Vampire council. Finally I wanna talk about how awesome I think it is that they use real wolves for the werewolves! I also can not wait until they get to the Were-Bar. Basically too sum up I am really excited for the rest of this season and I am sad I have to wait until Sunday =( But until then I shall leave you with a yummy vampire thats mine lol =P

So What Did You Think?
Happy Watching =)


  1. I don't get HBO, so I will be watching it tomorrow on and I can't wait.

  2. Love Eric and am so excited to be seeing more of this this season! :D Now, onto the episode haha. I thought it was a really great first episode. This show never disappoints me though, not even in season three when things were far trippy and totally weird. I'm also loving the whole werewolf thing as well. Can't wait until next Sunday! ;)

  3. I am with ya LadySTorm. I have to wait til today! I can't wait!!!!!

  4. Could Eric look any hotter than when he was walking around with those low cut black pants on and the red robe? wowza. I loved they used real wolves too, that's really cool. This episode ramped up a bunch of stuff, this is going to be such a great season!

    and yeah..I am done with the Tara drama too! lol

  5. I'm also really tired of Tara. I think they have taken her chacter somewhere so different from the first episodes of season 1 where she was great.

    The queen was my favorite part of last night's episode. They really improved her dialogue.

    As a whole, the opener was great and I can't wait for next week!

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